Offered in England since April 2002, the Civil Funeral is a ceremony that reflects the beliefs and values of the deceased rather than those of the minister, officiant or Celebrant.

The ceremony is both a dignified tribute and a highly personal memoir, created by a professional Celebrant in consultation with the family. The Celebrant works closely with the Funeral Director and maintains a high degree of personal involvement with the bereaved family throughout, from the initial meeting through to creating and then leading the ceremony.

The public are seeking more choice in funeral ceremonies and a Civil Funeral ceremony seeks to address this. There is no bar to religion within the ceremony - it really does depend on the wishes of the family and the family alone.

The choice of ceremony will be influenced by religious and cultural traditions, by personal preference, or indeed by the express wishes of the deceased. Many people have already found that a Civil Funeral ceremony has been the appropriate choice for them to make.

The Civil Funeral ceremony is fitting for either a cremation or burial and can be held at most appropriate locations with the exception of churches and religious buildings. In respect of a burial, this would be at a non-religious burial ground such as a natural burial ground or local authority cemetery.