Where does the IoCF Operate?

The IoCF has Celebrants throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. Your Funeral Director can put you in touch - or you can use this site to locate and choose your own.

Why should I use an IoCF member as the Celebrant for the funeral I am arranging?

Each of our Celebrants:

  • has passed a rigorous series of interviews and assessments,
  • is monitored for each funeral conducted,
  • is periodically professionally assessed whilst conducting a funeral,
  • undergoes Continuous Professional Development.

We are confident that with an IoCF member, you are getting the best possible professional service.

Having found a Celebrant, what happens next?

Except where it is physically impractical, the Celebrant will meet you and your family. (In other circumstances, the telephone and email have to be used.) The Celebrant will discuss your requirements, for instance, any readings? Any poems? Any hymns? Any prayers? Eulogy or tribute content will be discussed and more - to ensure the ceremony is just as you want it to be.

The Celebrant will also give practical advice, and will be able to write or help you to write and deliver a eulogy. They will talk to you at length and gather as much information as they can to capture fully the life that has been lived.

The Celebrant will write a draft ceremony, which will be sent to you for approval. Where something is not quite right it can be corrected. Nothing will be said at the funeral of which you do not approve.

What happens on the day?

The Celebrant will lead the funeral ceremony on the day and will later give you a printed copy of the service for you to keep.

Who can deliver the eulogy?

The simple answer is - anyone. You or a family member or friend can write it and deliver it; you can write it and the Celebrant will deliver it for you; the Celebrant can write it an deliver it; or a combination of both. The choice is entirely yours.

Can we have hymns and prayers?

Of course - the choice is entirely yours. Our Celebrants will only do what you want.

Where can we have the funeral?

The only places our Celebrants do not usually conduct ceremonies is in consecrated buildings - churches, religious buildings and burial grounds associated with them - although sometimes they work alongside members of the clergy when this is requested. Celebrants routinely conduct funerals at crematoria and other burial grounds.

What is the fee?

Each of our Celebrants is self-employed and there is no fixed fee. Fees do vary regionally, but you can expect to pay between £160 and £200.

Can I plan in advance?

Our Celebrants are quite used to visiting the still living and creating a funeral ceremony for future use. A copy is given to you, a copy is lodged with your chosen funeral director and a copy kept by the Celebrant. Should it be necessary, another IoCF member will be made available for your funeral ceremony. There is normally a charge of around three quarters the usual total fee for this service and, of course, no guarantee can be made as to future ceremony delivery fees.